The Entry Where I Explain the “Why” of this Blog.

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Saint Augustine

You know the feeling, waiting at the baggage carrousel and wondering why it seems your bag is  the last one that comes out of the chute, if it comes out at all.  I certainly did….and in July of 2010, after my luggage was delayed by a full day on a trip to Spain (made even worse by a nationwide shutdown to watch the World Cup final), I decided to research what has come to be known as “one bag” travel after making a vow never to be “that guy” again. 

And so began my virtual journal. The internet, it turned out, had no shortage of blogs and forums to discuss packing lists, travel clothing, the perfect bags, and even alternatives to luggage such as “no” bag travel and shipping your stuff via courier to destination. The risk today is not only that luggage may be lost or damaged, but also that it may cost you more. A few fees here and there add up quickly and some airlines’ decision to charge for checked baggage has contributed to the growing number of one bag travellers as well as the resources available to individuals who want to travel without checking a bag. 

Over the last few years, I have poured regularly over the many sites offering not only tips but also the sites of manufacturers of products in an effort to cobble together the perfect one bag travel experience for myself. I have spent far too much money but also acquired experience that I hope to pass on. 

The aim of this blog is to document that journey and provide some hopefully useful information on what has worked (and not worked).

Over the next few entries, I will take you through the bags I have tried, my pre-trip checklists, the packing tips and lists that have worked for me as well as a few observations on electronics and health and safety items. Lastly, the blog will address some travel etiquette. (as one example I never want to be “that guy” who inconveniences other travellers with too much carryon luggage but who has managed to slink by the check in agents and clogs the aisle and hogs the overhead bins as he tries to manoeuvre a roller bag, a personal item such as a laptop bag, a shopping bag and a camera bag down an aisle).

Next entry: The one where I explain why I chose the Bag I did (spoiler alert: It is the Minaal (


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