The Pack

Not sure if I like the idea of you leaving again!

Not sure if I like the idea of you leaving again!

DSCN0115 DSCN0116

The Pack

I am including a few pics of my complete pack for a trip to Italy in March of 2015. As you can see, the main carry on is a Minaal. I have tried to keep it simple but functional and ready for temps between 7-19 Celsius.

In the immediate foreground from left, one white long sleeve button down shirt for an evening out. This is probably the least practical item, likely will be wrinkled and hard to sink wash but might be nice to have if we go a nicer place. Three t shirts, no logo black and blue. 2 golf shirts, navy and red.

In the next row, a North Face 3 quarter zip fleece. Great layering item. A pair of Cole Haan sneakers, and beside that a water bottle. I never travel without one. Rome is famous for its water fountains and by filling up you save between 2-3 euro a bottle and also get good planet karma points. Then two long sleeve black t shirts from MEC. Breathable, subtle and an essential item for layering.

After that are the Bluff Works pants, 3 pairs of underwear (merino wool from MEC) and a pair of shorts, not cargo shorts (in case it gets warmer than expected on a day we plan to hike).

At the top in the middle, my toiletries. No liquids. I use bar soap to shave and toothpaste tablets. This cuts down on liquid restriction hassles.

To the left of that, 4 pairs of socks, merino wool. I break the rule of 3 for socks in case I need a change within one day.

In the area is a Skross travel adapter and a small travel towel.

And finally in that row, is our medicine chest. I carry that for my wife and I. Yes, there are druggists everywhere we go but the intent is to have the first 24-48 hours of medicine in case some kind of bug leaves us stuck in our room and unable to venture far from the bathroom…..We have enough to get us over that and we can replenish on the road, hopefully our least used item! In it there is polysporin, Advil, tylenol, antacid, Imodium, Benadryl caplets, alcohol swabs, assorted bandaids, chewable Pepto Bismol and a few packets of Emergen C (a great “add to water” pick me up for early mornings following too much vino…..)

At the top left is my Scrubba. This is a portable wash basin. Yes, you can do laundry in the sink of your room but sometimes things need to soak and this allows you to soak items and free up the sink when you are getting ready to head out for supper! On top of that is a portable clothes line. There are several types, i like the ones with braided surgical tubing in order to hang things rather than draping them over the line. I also have 3 individual Tide sink packets for the 3 washes I intend to do on the trip. If I need more, soap does the trick.

Top centre are a few packing cubes, over that is my paperwork for trip. I have everything electronically, but i like having a paper copy in case. I have photocopies our passports, booking info and the email confirmations for accommodations. On top of that 6 AA batteries to replace those in my camera and Trackdot.

There you have it, everything for a 12 night trip.

Total weight 16 pounds.


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