The Personal Item

With the Minaal packed, it is now time to load up my personal item. The bag is an Osprey Cyber port, like the Minaal, minimal exterior design. I have been using this on small regional jets and , even fully packed,it fits easily under the seat. In this bag are my electronics and  items I need during flights including snacks. While ideally, I should use just the Minaal, the Osprey is also a great day pack once at destination.

Key items are my IPad mini in an Otterbox case and a kindle (I could leave this at home but I like reading and this is better when I read outdoors). There is also my passport in an RFID blocking case by a Kickstarter company called Obstructures. For cables etc, I keep them all on a Grid It. Easier to manage them.  On the Grid It, other than charging cables, you will find an Anker Astro E4 13000mAh  External Battery. If any electronics run down, can charge up without seeking an outlet. It also is a neat way to meet folks who wonder what it is when they see it on a table (bonus karma points for letting a frazzled traveller use it). There is also a flashlight. You never know.

I also keep my traveller umbrella, North Face Shell and Raybans (always classic) close at hand. The blue triangle can be used as a bandana or towel. On a hot day, soak in water and apply to head and neck, good cooling effect.

My sanity item is the Bose noise cancelling headphones. Awesome on long flights and trains when you want to tune out for a bit. Ditto for the eye mask. I never believed in them until I tried them, awesome. Linked to tuning out, I also travel with a Pac Safe luggage lock cable. Great for locking your stuff to a table, airport lounge chair, train luggage rack. While you should never leave your pack out of sight, should you nod off, good to know it is there. While it won’t stop determined thieves, will deter opportunists or grab and dashers. As with most travellers, I have seen bags grabbed from Cafe tables ando image seen distressed folks whose bag has disappeared from train luggage racks. This device does not prevent thieves from entering your bag however just leaving with it. For that, my zippers are closed with mini locking s biners. That extra step is a deterrent and if you are alert, enough protection without worrying about losing your key.

finally, blue and black pens for customs declarations, some need to be done in black, some in blue, one of the great mysteries of life and a small notebook. Great for jotting down notes and leaving notes.

See you on Board!


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