After Action Review

As discussed in a previous post, I wanted to put down a few thoughts about what I brought on my most recent trip and what I think I will do differently.

The first thing is that I will ditch the osprey bag as my day pack. Not that it is not a good bag, I use it as my everyday work commute bag, however I want to travel now with only one bag period. For a day bag, I have recently purchased a Chicobag ( which is a “stuffable” backpack that can be packed in my main bag and then taken out and used as a day pack once at destination. This will further lighten my load and free up my hands when navigating subways, airports and train stations.

My intention Is to put the stuffed bag  in the water bottle slot on my Minaal until I need it. This decision will also mean rethinking what goes into the main bag to ensure there is still place for everything. It also gives me flexibility should I be required to gate check my main bag. If that happens, I can quickly place items I need in flight into my chicobag.

But then what about the water bottle? My intention is to now buy an initial bottle of water at destination and refill it for the duration of the trip.

I will not bring my Magellan first aid kit along the next time. While I continue to believe in the need for medical supplies, I found that the one bag was awkward to find room for. I intend to bring the same amount of various pills and ointments but will spread them out in smaller containers (being careful of course to put the ointments in my 3-11 bag at security checks)

I will also ditch my Bose headphones. Once again, this is a great product and the noise cancellation afforded welcome relief on a 4 hour train trip with 4 passengers in the same compartment who set a world record for speed talking FOR THE ENTIRE 4 HOURS. However, with the case, they take up a lot of space. I intend to replace them with smaller noise cancelling ear buds.

Finally, I realized I took way too many adapters and cables. What I actually used was only part of my Skross (the part which plugged in and provided my with 2 USB ports) and 2 cables, one micro USB and one Lightning cable. I also used my Anker power pack and the Apple camera kit in order to move pictures off my camera to my iPad and then the Cloud. By reducing cords and extra adapters, I won’t need my Grid-It as the Minaal has the right number of pockets for my electronic gear.

i found I had the right amount of clothes and did laundry every other day. I loved the Bluffworks pants and will buy another pair. The under armour chinos were great but did take a long time to dry….

I think these tweaks will really help me achieve my aim.


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