D-1 Madrid to Leon

After an early start and quick subway ride in Madrid’s clean and quiet subway (Montreal could learn a thing  or two) we arrived at Chamartin train station. Our high speed train left on time and we travelled the 345 km in a little over two hours reaching speeds of 300 km.  It was raining when we arrived and after a 10 minute walk we came to the Parador. Once a monastery,  prison, veterinary hospital, it is now a hotel. I can honestly say I have never stayed at a more unique and beautiful hotel.  Following check in and a beer at the hotel bar, we walked to the Cathedral.  A wonder of architecture. Now at a pub, rocking the tapas  (free with beer like it  should be in a civilized country* would it kill pub owners to offer some olives and chips with a drink in Canada. …?) and listening to the bar playlist which has featured Chuck Berry, Don McLean,  Buddy Holly and Van Morrison (I may never leave. …)


1 thought on “D-1 Madrid to Leon

  1. Madeleine N

    Hi guys, this blog is pretty cool. Glad you are doing OK. Tomorrow will be the big day. Hope the weather is clement enough! Take care and looking forward to reading you in a couple of days. 😘



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