Day 3 dawns

After a restful night in Santibanez we are getting ready for day 3. Last night we enjoyed supper with women from Australia and Holland. There are mostly Germans here at this Albergue with a Croatian,  some British and one American. Ages from around 20 to over 70. The meal was a typical pilgrim menu: a salad or pasta (both with tuna), followed by chicken or pork with fries, followed by desert (flan, an orange, or ice cream) and of course wine by the bottle (s) all you can drink for 8 euros total….so the calories burned walking might not be enough…we met an Irish lady yesterday who told us she gained 4 pounds her last camino. This brings me to my next point. Many pilgrims are repeat customers including a couple from France we walked with for a bit who had been walking a year…..everyone has been amazing and friendly. A little mobile community. Time to finish the pack.


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