Day 5-no rest for the pilgrim

Today was a scheduled rest day but in order to walk less the next few days we will continue on. 30 km on varied terrain is too long a day! Nice dinner here at the convent last night in Foncebadon with a priest from South Africa, a Romanian geologist, a retired british fellow and a south Korean young lady who spoke no English or Spanish but smiled a lot. We have also been walking with a woman from.Holland who is pretty cool. So off to the Cruz de Ferro and then downhill to either Molineseca or maybe Ponferrada where a Templar castle awaits. Go Easy! Don’t stop walking.


2 thoughts on “Day 5-no rest for the pilgrim

  1. Madeleine N

    Another day closer. Cheers! Are you leaving some inukshuks behind? Wish I was there, but glad I’m not……I would definitely hold you back. Thanks for the nice pics…….I almost feel I’m there. Sweet dreams.


    1. Steven

      Thank you. We have not made any inukshuks but have seen a few. All along the trail pilgrims leave piles of rocks and some notes and sometimes graffiti. It is an interesting micro culture.



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