Thoughts on Day 6

“Lord, may this stone, a symbol of my efforts on the pilgrimage that I lay at the foot of the cross of the Saviour, one day weigh the balance in favor of my good deeds when the deeds of my life are judged. Let it be so.”

A prayer I said yesterday 21 April at the Cruz de Ferro for my father, Hubert,  who left us 22 April 2013. I am walking with the badge he carried when he retired. I miss him but know I am who I am because he was my father.

Today was quite a day through Ponferrada ending up in Cacabelos.  We met a group of international students from a school in Botswana who are also walking. I envy them their youth and energy but not their teachers. On arriving we found out a couple we had walked with on our first day were going home. She fell and broke her leg yesterday. We had supper with them and those with whom we have walked this last week. It was bittersweet.

A fellow pilgrim has sorted out both Susan and my blisters having seen us in our sandals. The heat and 20 km at least on pavement were not kind. Our fellow pilgrim from Belgium squared us away and, when we protested, she said she was a nurse and it was her duty. This is the Camino. 

The Camino is truly amazing. My only regret is waiting this long


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