Good Sunday Morning from Villafranca

Still resting here after a great evening which included a mass followed by a late supper. The mass was in Spanish but there were a few other pilgrims in attendance.  I am pretty sure the priest mentioned the pilgrimage and gave us a blessing. That or he was talking about NASCAR. My Spanish is still.pretty basic after all. ….. Breakfast at the hotel was amazing with Churros, coffee, eggs, bacon. .. and of course Spanish Orange Juice, the best I have ever had. We are now lounging and slowly repacking our gear. We will be picked up at noon and driven forward abut 45 km to Triacastela in order to be able to re start the walk and arrive in Santiago Saturday.  So there is about 120 km of walking left. Glad we are resting in order to avoid being actually injured as opposed to just bring sore. A lot of folks push and get into trouble. A serbian man died  of a likely heart attack on the trail a few days behind us on 18 April.(I am not in any way implying he did something wrong as who knows the full circumstances but rather that this can be pretty strenuous) Bottom line is suffering and discomfort I think is part of the pilgrimage but pain and injury don’t have to be.

Before I forget my observation is that there are several tiers of those walking and debates rage over what a true  pilgrim is…can you be a pilgrim if you did not start in Saint Jean Pied de Port?  What if you start in SJPDP but send your pack ahead each day? What if you stay in hotels and not Albergue? Is it cheating to skip ahead even if you walk the final 100 km from  Sarria (most Spanish start at Sarria and do the walk during  a long weekend. I think some think it is crazy  to walk further)   Etc etc etc.

As I sit here in a luxury hotel sipping amazing coffee and waiting for a cab, I know I don’t yet have the answer but I think I am getting closer to figuring out what the question is.

Lastly, it appears that the rain is over at least for a few days!








4 thoughts on “Good Sunday Morning from Villafranca

  1. Carole Daigneault

    Wow!! Je vous trouve inspirant…Vous avez toute mon admiration! Bon courage pour la suite! On pense à vous. Xxx


  2. Frap

    Steve, it is great to read that you are well and resting. As for the pilgrim issue. I am of the opinion that a true pilgrim is simply someone who tries the journey no matter the reason, no matter the distance, and no matter the means and ways used to complete the goal (whatever that may be). I am certain that finding yourself alone for many hours (and many kms) a day will entice the most reticent to seek inner truths. I believe that a true pilgrim is simply someone who takes on the challenge. Susan and you are the truest in my books. Nathalie and I wish you a great continuity. Stay safe.



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