Another day. Less than 100 km remains

Today was a long but good day on the Camino. The terrain has shifted and we now walk through rolling Galician hills. Today we made it Portomarin.  A town relocated as a reservoir has now made the original site a Spanish Atlantis. The church was moved brick by brick to the new site. 

We also met the “Sarrians” so called as they are starting their journey from Sarria. They could be identified by shiny new gear and clean boots. I enjoyed their energy and the trail,while busier , is not crowded. 

We are also now less than 100 km from Santiago. We are hopeful we will make it but both pretty sore. We will walk slow tomorrow to Palais del Rei. Another 25 km day….we plan to leave early as we expect the distance to take 7 to 8 hours depending on the terrain.



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