And on the last day they….

We are now about 20 km from the Cathedral in Santiago. We arrived in O Pedrouzo around 2 after a relatively easy 20 km. We (some who have walked from SJPDP, Pamplona, Leon and Sarria and had a nice dinner and talked about the fact that this was the last dinner before Santiago and what that meant. For me, still not sure. I know this last 12 days of walking have given me a chance to reflect on how lucky and loved and supported I have been in my life. I have seen signs of my father in the singing of other pilgrims, my godmother in the flowers and butterflies, and my cousin in the horses along the trail . I walk the Camino for myself but I am not alone.  I am thankful for having known and been loved and loved them.  So tomorrow is the end of my Camino but perhaps a new understanding. 



What a Friday morning should look like




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