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Saint James

And so here we are in Santiago after a good last day. Feels strange not to be preparing to walk again tomorrow. I know understand why pilgrims often continue to Finesterre another 3 days away on the ocean.

It was kind of like a graduation for those we have shared the Camino with for the last 2 weeks with Buen Camino replaced by felicitation! We all stood in line to get our Compestella s and shared last tales from the trail today. The family from Toulouse,  the ladies from South Africa, the German couple, the happy Korean, the American, the students from Valencia and Ontario and of course our Romanian Engineer . Our paths have all converged here and will now once again split. But we will always share the Camino

And on the last day they….

We are now about 20 km from the Cathedral in Santiago. We arrived in O Pedrouzo around 2 after a relatively easy 20 km. We (some who have walked from SJPDP, Pamplona, Leon and Sarria and had a nice dinner and talked about the fact that this was the last dinner before Santiago and what that meant. For me, still not sure. I know this last 12 days of walking have given me a chance to reflect on how lucky and loved and supported I have been in my life. I have seen signs of my father in the singing of other pilgrims, my godmother in the flowers and butterflies, and my cousin in the horses along the trail . I walk the Camino for myself but I am not alone.  I am thankful for having known and been loved and loved them.  So tomorrow is the end of my Camino but perhaps a new understanding. 



What a Friday morning should look like



Friday and mixed feelings

After a good night’s sleep and retaping the feet, we are enjoying a coffee and fresh OJ before heading out to Arcos,  20 km down the trail and our goal for the day. We will take our time and enjoy the last full day on the Camino before tomorrow’s arrival in Santiago.  I am struck by the symbolism of wanting to slow down and savour these last days before arriving at Santiago. It seems to me to be like life. When young we are eager to move forward and when older we realize the end might be near so we want to slow


Susan trying to steal a Spanish dog

down and enjoy. Cheers

Thursday Trace Part II

Safely arrived in Arzua after covering about 33km (according to my GPS) today over 6 river valleys. Best weather yet but we are beat after just shy of 11 hours on the trail.


We started at about the 66km point and are now at the 38 km mark so we walked officially 28 km . I think the difference between what the GPS indicates is moving back and forth across trails etc. Will send pictures later. DON’T STOP WALKING.